Anti on sex. (or lacktherof)


I just want to clear a few things up.

I don’t want to fuck.

I am asexual.

Asexual does not mean I reproduce like a fruit fly.

It does not mean I hate people for finding me attractive, or complimenting me in a friendly way.

Just because I don’t want sex, doesn’t mean I can’t love someone.

Wanting to look cute in pictures is not the same as wanting guys to send you creepy messages.

I am not going to change because of your advances.

I’m not naive, innocent, conservative, prudish, nor have I been raped or molested.

I don’t think I’m special, or have obligations because of my sexuality. In fact, if anything, I feel guilty that it’s hurt people in the past.

I am part of a large, unrepresented sexuality that many people don’t even know exists.

I may want to have sex one day. I may not. In the meantime? I’m not concerned.

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  8. reverendjack said: this is because of that cleavage joke i made a while back, isn’t it… ;) no, i totally get it. some people, however, can’t admire beauty without wanting to put their dick in it. sucks to be those people…