I am 21 now and just realized that asexuality is an actual thing. Over the past week I’ve been reading a lot into what asexuality is and what it can be. I’ve told a few of my close friends, one of them said she knew awhile ago. I told my mom and she asked if it was a hormonal disorder instead. Is there a way to tell a difference? I’m just confused. I’m not interested in sex(I think), but I like cuddling/kissing. I don’t know, any advice would be helpful.

Well, you could get a hormone test, if you truly have doubts. But no, asexuality, like any other orientation, doesn’t have anything to do with hormones. You can be asexual and still be interested in cuddling and kissing, you can even be asexual and be interested in sex. It’s simply not experiencing sexual attraction. There are many different types of attraction, if you are confused about that, too, since you mentioned the cuddling and kissing thing, so you can check that out as well (x).

Sorry if I’m not giving the advice you are looking for, I’m just unsure about what your doubts are, besides the hormone question. Please don’t hesitate to drop another submit/ask or anything. I’ll try to be better help.


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