Anonymous said: Just wanted to point out that physical, aesthetic and sexual attraction are all different things. Physical = "I really want to hold your hand/cuddle with you/tuch you in another non-sexual way", aesthetic = "You are so beautiful, I want to stare at you forever", sexual = "I want to have sex with you". Hope that helps!

If you’re referring to that ask I answered earlier, what they described was aesthetic attraction, not really sensual attraction, that’s why I conflated their word “physical” with “aesthetic”. I try to use the words people use in their asks, to help them understand.

I think “physical” is always a tricky word, because it really can refer to either one, if you look at it from a certain point of view. I prefer to avoid it, due to potential miscommunication, I use the terms aesthetic, sensual, and sexual, myself.

But you are correct in all of those being different, thanks. c:


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