No offense to the community, but can we stop with all the names and shit like “Queer,” “GenderQueer,” “Pansexual,” and whatever other word of the day sexuality-defining term you’re using? Shit, just fuckin’ say “I’m not into guys like that but do still get romantic feelings for them” or whatever the fuck. Just stop making up words to feel special.

Pansexual, genderqueer and queer is so much easier to say, so no offence to you, but no.

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    Lol I’m special
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    What in the fucking hell. What kind of person posts shit like this? Oh right, the same kind of person who throws around...
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    um i can’t find any evidence of the source being a transguy, though i only looked through about 3 or 4 pages ftmfeminist...
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    heh heh
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    Looks like someone needs to read the Queer Nation Manifesto.
  12. lavenderlavia said: why use one word when thirty four would suffice?!
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    …I’m seriously expected to say “I don’t experience sexual attraction towards any gender but I am capable of feeling...
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    Dear Everybody, My love just owned. “Autoannulingus-sexual”.
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    I mean, I could give each person who asks a twenty minute lecture about my sexuality and gender identity, about who I’m...
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    LOLOLOLOL. Though I’ll admit, sometimes it gets REALLY confusing, this is still a lolsy post XD
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    I’ll use whatever fucking I want, thank you very much.
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    wow could you like stop thanks never open your mouth again
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    Bravo. I use bisexual just because it’s easiest, but really, sexuality is fluid and I go from not liking guys at all to...
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    because stopping the progression of language to be more efficient and descriptive is a good thing!
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    Dear OP, Invest in some index cards and start learnin’ your vocab.
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    Not makin’ sense, bro.
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    Right, because my gender is sooooo easy to explain. How about instead you educate your stupid fucking ignorant ass....
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    Sorry, we’ll be sure to hand out detailed essays explaining all aspects of our identities and sex lives to everybody we...
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    Except my identity has little to do with who I like and a lot to do with connections, which deviate from the mainstream...
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    How abouuttttttt… NO FUCK YOU ? c: Does that answer your question stupid op?
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