On the Armadillo Debate:


After the post letting all know that there is already an armadillo meme (F*ck Yeah English Major Armadillo), we got a bunch of suggestions for other meme animals that would work if we wanted to change, including but not limited to:

Alpaca, Axolotl, Alligator, Amoeba, Aardwolf, Echidna … etc.

All of which have their own draws (and levels of cuteness — Hello, Axolotlface). So I submitted a question to the moderators of fyeahenglishmajorarmadillo to ask what they thought about our double-use of the armadillo. Included in the response:

“I think that, if you actually have ties to Armadillos, there’s no problem with you keeping it. A completely different topic, a different image… should be ok, methinks … I mean, if you want to be original, go ahead and change it, but if that’s too much trouble, don’t worry!”

So now I ask: what do YOU think? I’ll collect answers through the end of the day Friday — feel free to send a message or answer this post if you feel strongly either way (changing our little buddy or keeping it how it is), and let me know, if you want to change, what you’d want it to be changed to (not necessarily from the ideas submitted above, could be anything). Come Saturday morning I’ll tally up how many people think we should keep our armadillo roots strong vs. how many want a new animal. If there’s a higher vote for a new animal than there is for keeping the armadillo, I’ll start anew and have it up by Monday! Thoughts?

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  1. animal-casa answered: k
  2. fauxmulder answered: Axolotl :D
  3. jeanvoilajean answered: New animal please! I am particularly fond of Axolotl myself.
  4. elennare answered: I’ve adored Axolotls ever since reading Cortazar’s Axolotl story, so that would be cool. The armadillo’s great too, though
  5. yellowwallsbluesky answered: I was digging the armadillo, but I think we have an obligation to our fellow asexuals, the amoebas
  6. sauntervaguelydownward answered: Axolotl
  7. hollandlolland answered: I personally think an alpaca would be ADORABLE.
  8. subliminaltwist answered: AXOLOTL. Seriously, they’re amazing. Please.
  9. stbutt answered: Aardwolves are the best animals ever!
  10. nat-attack answered: I like the amoeba
  11. thestarlightfairy answered: Axotol :)
  12. switch-off-the-stars answered: Even tho it doesn’t start with an A, I think an echidna would be good. They’re “queer” in that they’re mammals but lay eggs =]
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    Well, there’s already the Aspie Alligator. There’s always the option of the Asexual Anemone, or Aphid, although Axolotl...
  14. thegrinningcatofdoom answered: AARDWOLF!
  15. jdragsky answered: Aasdfghjkl;’ axolotlface would be adorable but I think armadillo is fine personally.
  16. babyshibe answered: I kind of want an anteater. Just because I really love anteaters.
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  18. holyromanempress answered: Axolotls.
  19. longlosttimelady answered: axototl
  20. dogwithglasses answered: i think the ameoba is pretty funny, and i do love axlotls. those are probably my favourite choices
  21. morethanx answered: I have a soft spot for axolotls. ¬_¬
  22. cosmosogler answered: Amoeba would be hilarious but some people might take that the wrong way.
  23. wugsandhugs answered: Change to axolotl!
  24. 76l0 answered: axolotls are pretty sweet, especially if they aren’t already used
  25. lampfaced answered: Axolotllll.
  26. bindingaffinity answered: I no longer strictly identify as ace so idk if my opinion counts here but: AXOLOTLS ARE AXOLAWESOME
  27. aseofspades answered: Ameoba’s too stereotypical and gives the wrong idea. How about Asexual Anteater?
  28. morningbones answered: there’s already an aspie alligator. I vote amoeba
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