fuzzyfloof-deactivated20120524 said: hai, so i was wondering about aces reclaiming the word queer. i think i feel really super uncomfortable with this because queer is an insult. reclaiming insults is a really healing thing to do, but it's for the group of people who have been insulted with that word to reclaim, which (if i'm not mistaken, please say if i am) is lgbt people in this case. maybe someday queer will just be a connotation-less identity, but i don't think now is then. thankees for listening, <3.

As far as I’m aware, asexuals haven’t tried to reclaim the word queer. Some asexuals do identify as queer though, but asexuality itself doesn’t always = queer.

I identify as queer, not because I’m asexual, but because I identify as agender & neutrois (a gender minority) and feel sensual attraction to all people of all gender, sexes and non-binary.

It’s a very personal and individual thing I think, however as far as I’m aware, asexuals haven’t been trying to reclaim the word as their own. If I completely missed the point feel free to call me out though :3


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  1. quantumstarlight said: Anything that isn’t heteronormative can be considered queer. Including asexuality.
  2. licoriceplease said: If they’re not heterosexual, heteroromantic, and cisgender, they’re queer.
  3. bleachbattalionofficial said: Queer includes ace.Queer means different.Anything that ain’t straight is queer to the simple minded among the straights.+ many aces are homo/biromantic.Though it’s not sexual,it’s queer enough to piss off homophobes.Some think we are gay & bash us.
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