Anonymous said: I had an idea. We could reclaim the term "special snowflake", seeing as it's been used against us constantly, and then start a "Snowflake" community for everyone who has a non-cisheteronormative identity (including heteromantic aces), but who feels excluded by LGBT or any other community that only includes specific individuals.

The term “special snowflake” has been used for tons of other people, though, not just asexuals. Other GSM people, hipsters and personality types, “weeaboos”. I do think a community for people excluded from LGBT+ community would be nice for people who need it, though.

I also think that reclaiming terms is sort of a personal experience, everyone might not feel comfortable, so what if someone wanted to be part of the community because they’re excluded everywhere else but are uncomfortable with “snowflake”?

I also sort of don’t want to create a further rift between asexuals and the LGBT+ community, though, and don’t want people who want to be with LGBT+ feel like they can’t if there’s some other community specifically for them…

But that’s just me with reservations, I don’t know about anyone else. So, anyone else have thoughts, opinions, suggestions, whatnot?

(Also, used the acronym LGBT+ because that was what was used in the ask, to make it easier to address.)


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  1. licoriceplease said: I like the term “queerlings” because it highlights the fact that we’re queer. If we had an organized sort of community, we could use it to highlight POC, foreign LGBT+ people, the ace community, non-binaries, disabled LGBT+ people, etc.
  2. tentacledicks said: Reclaiming “special snowflake” is an incredibly bad idea. Like. INCREDIBLY BAD.
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