Hello, Tumblr. I doubt you’ve seen an avatar that looks like mine before. You may have seen the asexual flag going around, and maybe you’ve seen juxtaposition of a cross and a rainbow flag as a symbol of LGBT Christian pride, but you’ve probably never seen a combination of the two.

If, like me, you are asexual and Christian, you probably haven’t thought much about it, since asexuality alone involves no inherent sexual sin or controversy within the Church and Christian life. But maybe, like me, you’ve been mistaken for being gay by your particularly homophobic classmates and peers (I pray you’ve gotten none of the same treatment in your church!). Maybe you were confused in your childhood over their reasons for doing so. Maybe you were upset by that one House episode. Maybe you’ve seen other asexuals on Tumblr and have noticed their affinities to “sex-positive” philosophy, non-normative gender identities, and other ideas thought of as godless trash by social conservatives and wonder which deserve that stereotype and which do not. Maybe you’ve simply asked God why you apparently haven’t been created to want to be fruitful and multiply.

If you’re a non-Christian asexual or a sexual of any kind, you may still be interested in my perspective. If you were offended when I said above that some of your ideas may be godless trash, then let me tell you that I am not so liberal that I will simply go along with every idea of sexual liberation that comes my way, since some of the more radical behaviors and theories are not Christlike in any way. But I condemn all hate of anyone, sexual, ace, queer, straight alike. I myself, unlike some in the asexual community, am skeptical towards the assumption that all aces are queer, especially in the context of qualification for government benefits; nevertheless, I recognize that there are queer aces, and I love them with the love of Jesus.

I will also post about autism as an #actuallyautistic blogger, since I most likely have PDD-NOS though I’ve never been told the name of my diagnosis, and since there’s (at least hypothetically) a decent demographic overlap between autistic adults and asexuals.

This is Gray-Alpha-Omega, signing off on his first post.

…I’m not sure how I feel about this in particular. It’s fine to be a Christian, it’s fine to believe in God, it’s fine to believe in Jesus. However, attitudes like this (the bolded part mostly) are just some of the reasons why other communities don’t take the Asexual community seriously. I don’t have a problem if someone considers themselves repulsed, or don’t like the idea of having sex themselves, but we should allow others to choose freely and without judgement how often they wish to have sex. The last thing we need right now is more people telling us Asexuals that we’re homophobic and slut shamers…

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    I myself am a Christian and asexual and supportive of the queer community (and myself identify as queer because “queer”...
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