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I’ve been working on a new site where I can stick all my asexuality-related Tumblr posts and have them look all “authoritative” and “legit” and such, instead of, you know, looking like a post on Tumblr.  I’m also setting up this site as more of an archive of content (hence the name), instead of as a blog.  I tend to write posts that aren’t time-bound.  They’re just as useful six months later as when I wrote them.  The problem with Tumblr (and other blogs) is that posts are lost in the sands of time after six months.  No one can read something that they can’t find.  So my goal with is to have everything tagged and categorized in such a way that it’s easy to browse what’s there and read whatever strikes your fancy.  In particular, I hope to make a site that’s equally useful for those who are new to asexuality as it is for those aces who’ve been around a while.  Eventually, I might even take submissions from others to make it a true archive of ace-related writings from all points of view and walks of life.

I’m not actually at the “well-organized and easy to use” stage yet, though…  My first attempt at the categorization turned into a giagantic wall of text that’s impossible to navigate.  It’s still being built and tweaked, so consider this a preview of the final site. 

At this point, I don’t plan on leaving Tumblr.  The feedback I get from everyone here is very valuable.  (Not to mention, if I leave, I’ll have no audience at all…)  There may be some exclusives over on the archive site, but the big posts will still be here.  And just to be clear, all the stuff that’s over there right now is stuff that I’ve already posted over here.  So, if you’ve already read everything here, then there’s nothing new to read over there yet.

(Of course, I also have the fear that A: There’s already a site pretty much exactly what I have in mind for Asexuality Archive, and I just haven’t seen it yet, and B: I unconsciously stole that logo from some other asexuality site.  So, if either of those are the case, please let me know…)

(Dear GoogleBot:  New asexuality site exists.  Plz start indexing.  kthxbye)

Ooh, I love this!

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