Beta Of The Month: Asexual Purgatory

[TW] Acephobia, rape culture, sexist language.

Also, please take note that the comments on this article are just as bad and as disgusting as the article itself!

Guys, I really need your help here.

This article right here: This right here badly needs our attention.

Whoever wrote it has an extremely personal vendetta against asexuality and has gone out of their way to insult and make extremely crude, slanderous remarks about another asexual person and asexuals in general. This isn’t the normal run-off-the-mill prodding, jesting, this is extremely derogatory and disgusting and I advise extreme caution. We need to comment bomb the hell out of it and tell this person that this kind of disgusting behaviour is not acceptable!

If there is any way to report/shut down this user, I would like to know, this goes beyond disgusting.

Do it now!

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    I’m no asexual and I know this is old news, but this is truly horrific. The article itself is bad enough, but the...
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    jesus this is disgusting and the comments are just as bad. Had to stop halfways through them.
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    This article is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever read. The comments are equally horrible. There was actually...
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    oh my god.
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    What is wrong with these people?! I mean honestly?
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    And there are people that agree with this jerkface?
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    Excuse me while I rage
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    I’m just going to go ahead and say that everyone would benefit if these assholes were removed from the gene-pool.
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    I’m repulsed. We need this person to go far far away from all humanity!
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    Hey, you reblogged my post as saying theconsultingbitch wrote it. Can you change that? I am entirely vain and...
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    "I’m trying to picture how musty and cobwebbed her vagina must be. It’s probably fused shut at this point, kind of how...
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    When you put it that way, it just sounds like this guy must really, really insecure in his masculinity. There’d be no...
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    It’s NOT an article. It’s a blog entry. And that means it’s one asshole’s point of view and all the dumbasses commenting...
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    I really don’t know what was worse… The article or the comments, fucking hell I hate humanity sometimes
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    I don’t fucking get WHY PEOPLE NEED TO BE IMMATURE IGNORAMUSES. WHHHHHHHHYYYY. I need to learn me some Anonymous skills...
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    I completely fucking despise people like the man who wrote this article. They’re garbage given a mouth and the ability...
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    There are so many things wrong with this article I can’t even list them. Sexism, rape culture, ace hate, that whole...
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    this is REALLY bad.
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    Goodness these people are assholes.
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    I am physically fucking nauseous. Son of a bitch, there are people who are this hateful of asexuals? REALLY? FUCKING...
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