One Town's War on Gay Teens 






1. This is very triggering about bullying and suicide. Proceed with caution.

2. This is from Rolling Stone’s Valentine’s Day issue.

3. If you are a straight person in the Glee fandom, oh god, do I want you to read every word of this.

This is horrifying, and that’s exactly why you need to read it.

I read this in a mall food court and cried in public.

It’s an emotional read but so important. Please read it & pass it along. Thank you to RS for writing this.

(edit: adding more warnings:  MENTIONS OF CUTTING, DETAILS ON SUICIDE, HOMOPHOBIA, BULLYING, DEPRESSION.  Please be careful, kids, don’t read if you think it could be triggering to you.)

This is the article that prompted my earlier plea for followers to come to me with problems. This is where I live, and the young people mentioned in this story are friends of people who are very dear to me. There are many, many extremely brave young people literally fighting for their lives in my city, fighting against the people who are supposed to nurture and protect them. 

Don’t read if you’ll be triggered, but it’s important to know about these things. It does nothing to blame teachers and students without looking at the larger systems that dictate their behavior.

Please read with caution, I couldn’t even get past the first page, this makes me so incredibly angry that I’m literally shaking with rage. Something has to be done about this, we cannot sit idly by any more!

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    It’s hard to read this without crying, but please do read it I’m begging you.
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    Everyone who hasn’t, PLEASE...this. Yes, they’re triggers
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    hate human beings right now. reason these kids should have died.
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