Anonymous said: Sometimes, I find a lot of negativity thrown at gray-asexuals and demisexuals from people who identify as asexual, claiming that we aren't "real asexuals" or that our sexualities are lifestyle choices. Can you offer any advice to the demis and graces out there on deflecting this attitude? I hate to say it, but I hear this opinions from aces quite a lot more often than I expected to.

Demis and graces on still on the asexual spectrum, as far as I’m concerned you’re every bit of asexual as somebody who identifies exclusively as asexual. It doesn’t matter if you sometimes experience sexual attraction or whenever you’re only sexually attracted to your partner, you deserve the same respect and you’re entitled to the same help and resources as everyone else!

Asexuality should never ever be an elitist thing, everyone experiences sexuality differently and we should all embrace that, instead of judging others. Keep strong anon!

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    It’s sad when this kind of thing happens in any minority community. We all need to stick together and support one...
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