Different types of attraction.

Sexual attraction: When one desires to have sexual relations with another specific person or persons. Sometimes it is felt along with other forms of attraction such as, romance, friendship.

"That guy is so damn sexy, I could take him to bed and shag him all night long."

Romantic attraction: When one desires to have a romantic relationship with another specific person or persons. Many people who’re asexual may experience romantic attraction even though they do not experience sexual attraction.

"Oh wow, that girl is so beautiful, I would really like to get to know her better. She’s the type of girl I would love to get into a romantic relationship with."

Aesthetic attraction: When one sees another person or persons as attractive, nice looking, handsome or beautiful, but does not feel any desire to be in a romantic, sexual or sensual relationship with them.

"Oh my gosh, that man is quite attractive, I appreciate how handsome his face is and how lean his body looks. If I could, I would hang him up on a wall and look at him all day"

Sensual attraction: When ones sees another person or persons and desires to do sensual (but NOT sexual) things with them. Such sensual things may include, kissing, hugging, holding hands.

"Look at that woman, she is quite a sight for sore eyes. I would very much love to cuddle with her, kiss her forehead and perhaps hold her hand as we walked through the park."

Squish: When ones sees another person or persons and desires an aromantic friendship with them.

"Look at how cool that boy is, I would love to get to know him more, I bet he’s a great person to hang out with and talk to."

(Source: asexualeducation)

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