Asexual Drinking Game


Do you track the ace tags? Do you want to bash your head repeatedly against a wall every time the bullshit parade comes through? Well, then this is the game for you!

Take a shot whenever someone tags a post and says:

  • boys suck I’m ace now lololol
  • all aces/graces/demis are inherently slut shamers
  • all aces/graces/demis are actually straight
  • all aces/graces/demis are actually repressed gays
  • all aces/graces/demis are white
  • all aces/graces/demis are ciswomen
  • all aces/graces/demis are suffering from a disorder
  • aces need to be fixed
  • asexual reproduction is the only definition of the word
  • asexuality doesn’t even exist
  • “so you have sex with yourself?” 
  • asexuality = celibacy
  • asexual = aromantic
  • all aces/graces/demis are inherently homophobic

By the time the real drama/trolling starts going down, you’ll be too drunk to care (or dead of alcohol poisoning! Either way!)

I still follow this! :)

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    Once I’m 21
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    I know “graces” refers to grey aces, but I think it would be hilarious if somehow… inexplicably, all people named Grace...
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    Woman you don’t drink how could you even. It’s not as fun with non-alcoholic beverages and/or when you’re alone :P
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    I purposely don’t track the ace tags because I know they’ll be filled with acehate and oppression olympics nonsense and...
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    If I do this with water, I might actually be hydrated sometimes.
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    I wish this had all started up tomorrow, I can’t get drunk tonight! I have a test tomorrow v_v also adding “-sexual...
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    let’s bring this back
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    I wanna try this with Mountain Dew. x)