Umm. The person I know who came out to me as asexual and then came out to their friend who had a terrible awful reaction about it and who probably told everyone else and their family (who are pretty scary) is going through some pretty awful stuff right now. And I don’t… I don’t know if I can recommend a hotline for him to call, because I’ve never called one and I’m unsure of how they’d handle an asexual. Can anyone help? (And I just can’t give him my phone number or see him in person, because he used to bully me and I don’t think I could stand to see him in person or talk to him via phone. Email is just fine though. But I think he might need something more? And I just… can’t give that to him)

At the moment I’m calling/emailing any glbt hotline I can find and asking them about whether or not they can help an asexual individual, but, I’m not getting any fast answers. :/ I suppose another thing that’s on the list of things to start would be an asexual help hotline, but that doesn’t help right now. I’ve, uh, already given him a link to the Trevor Project, even though I don’t think he’s that far, but it was the only thing I could think of. 

Does anyone have the answers I need? Is there a place asexuals can call? Or am I being exclusionary in thinking that glbt centers can’t help specific-asexual experiences? I would be happy to think that I am just being exclusionary and paranoid if glbt help centers could easily handle aces, but I am very unsure right now.

Um, so if anyone knows anything about anything, please tell me!

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    Would this help?
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    Here’s a list of hotlines:
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  8. southpawscopic said: I’d definitely recommend calling a glbt center or at least ANY crisis center, actually. Try crisis hotlines in general.
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  10. hollydermovoi said: What kind of advice does he need? We have a Safe Zone which is here to help all people within the LGBTTQQIAAPD Community with advice, and I could provide him with one of our people’s numbers if you’ld like