(trigger warning: rape) According to some LAPD officers, "a gay man can't be raped". Sign the petition to get an apology for James, gay men, and all rape victims. 


On August 31, 2009 James Hornik was raped by another male in Hollywood, California. Mr. Hornik found himself in great need of police assistance and called on the LAPD, trusting that they would help him in his sudden predicament. When asked if he could press charges against his attacker, the LAPD officers simply responded, “A gay man can’t be raped”. Mr. Hornik was treated at Cedars Sinai Hospital but was denied a forensic rape collection kit by the LAPD, whose job it is to issue such kits through their forensic team.

James Hornik has been fighting for more understanding and recognition that men (gay or straight) can be raped ever since that muggy night in August of 2009 with very little help at all. He has contacted organizations such as LAMBDA Legal, GLAAD, the ACLU, the NoH8 Campaign and various others only to be denied help and led in circles. Mr. Hornik even filed the proper complaints with the city, county and the LAPD internal investigation team. The LAPD was exonerated from any wrong doing or neglect by the mayor.

The goal of this petition is to demand that the LAPD make a formal apology to Mr. Hornik and the citizens of Los Angeles County in general for their failure to recognize what was and is a very serious situation and a growing problem within the gay community and society as a whole.

Pause for one moment and ask yourself, what if it happened to you and no one heard your cries?

Anyone can be raped.
Cis/Trans men, Cis/Trans Women, neutrois individuals, androgynnies, and other Trans* individuals.
The FBi and shit need to realize this.

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    This disgusts me, rape is fucking rape. Doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay; God damned neanderthals.