A little about us

Name: Nick / Niks

I study social welfare and work in the mental health industry. I love to help people, and it’s the reason why I created this blog.

My personal blog can be found here.


Nickname: Griff (Anything I answer will be signed -Griff, to differentiate me from the founder.)

I sometimes suffer from aphasia and fibrofog and general cognitive issues due to many chronic illnesses, so if I ever answer something incorrectly or word it wonky, or have misread a question, please don’t hesitate to correct me. Also if I reblog a post that has incorrect or questionable content, I probably just didn’t register it, so give me a heads up.
If I ever answer anything problematically or incorrectly in any way at all, don’t hesitate to call me out.
I will not be posting my personal tumblr here, but if you’d like to talk to me about something off this one, ask me for it off anon.